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Rear panel IONISER

The rear panel ioniser is an accessory that can be easily assembled on the rear of the wind-shield of the already owned BEL Engineering balance.
Using a ioniser is strongly recommended especially with balance with resolution of 0,01 mg or everywhere is required the assurance that the sample is free of static charges to get accurate measurements.
Static charges accumulate in many kind of samples that are being weighed during the laboratory routine. By blowing ions the static electricity is neutralized on charged samples like plastic parts, containers or films. Within seconds the sample is ready to be weighted free from static charges giving  the operator accurate results.

Can be used for balances with 3 glass window-shield, resolution 0,01 mg 0,1 mg 1 mg


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Easy to assemble on the already owned BEL Engineering balance. Simply remove the rear glass and put the panel ioniser.

Technical Features



Operation mode

2 minutes or continuously for 8 hours max

Ozone concentration

0-0.05 ppm (2cm from ion source)

Distance sample-ion source

about 5-40 cm

Discharge time

9s/5cm, 13s/10cm

Ambient conditions

0-50°C, 20-80% air humidity (non-condensing)

Power supply

IN AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, OUT DC 12V, 1A



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