The new RB high capacity balances bring robustness, reliability and a high level of performance.
RB serie is synthesis of design, performance and convenience. The models are equipped with LCD display, with solid structure and ergonimc keypad these balances deliver top performance at competitive prices.
These balances are an ideal instrument of work for many applications

Suspended WeighingSuspended Weighing:
a support with hook can be loaded on the underside of the balance
Balance has internal accumulator or can be used with optional external accumulator
StatisticsStatistics function:
shows Min, Max, Sum, Average, Standard deviation
High Resolution Load CellHigh Resolution Load Cell:
shows Min, Max, Sum, Average, Standard deviation
RS232Rs232 Data Interface:
to connect the balance to printer, PC, peripheral devices.
UnitsMeasuring Units:
Select the measuring unit that balance will use to display weight
function to count identical items, reference quantities are selectable.
upper and lower limits can be set individually, for dosing and portioning.
Percentual WeighingPercentual Weighing:
function calculates the weight of a sample as a percentage from a reference weight (100%)
TotalizationTotalization Function:
measure cumulative weight of multiple items. Shows total and current weight
Animal WeighingAnimal Weighing:
accurate readings under unstable conditions such moving laboratory animals.
DensityDensity Determination:
function accurately determines density of a solid object or a liquid
Max LoadMax Load (Peak hold) function:
retains the peak value in a series of consecutive weights


Eurekam PRO 20C adopts a two-stage Peltier cooling system to reach -42°C below ambient temperature. This increases greatly the S/N ratio and decreases image noise. Thanks to this and to the SONY Exmor CMOS Sensor, this camera can be widely used in low light applications like fluorescence image capture and analysis

In the package:
Camera, Eyepiece adapter, 30 & 30.5mm ring adapters, micrometric slide, power supply, USB cable, CDROM with WaveImage software, Documentation, Robust plastic carrying case


The i-Thermo G are rugged instruments for moisture determination of raw materials and finished samples in the food, cosmetics, ceramics, agriculture and construction industry.
The Dot Matrix graphical display with backlite makes much easier and friendly using the instrument and gives easy and intuitive guidance through the operating process thanks also to his advanced software. On the display are shown all the parameters regarding the drying process and all the relative results, all viewable at once.
This instrument brings advanced features such as one key pressing for starting automatically the last drying cycle memorized or the default one, possibility to print the drying session by interval time set by the user, automatic session starting just by closing the heater etc…
Drying readability is 0,01%. Possibility of calibrating the internal thermometer (with optional KIT).


Glp SetupGlp Setup: Allows to store identification data of balance, project and user. Date and Time. Date&TimeDate & Time: Balance shows current date and time Multi LanguageMulti Language: Several languages can be selected from the menu of the balanceRS232Rs232 Data Interface:to connect the balance to printer, PC, peripheral devices. UnitsMeasuring Units:Select the measuring unit that balance will use to display weight High Resolution Load CellHigh Resolution Load Cell:shows Min, Max, Sum, Average, Standard deviation MemoryMemory:it is possible to store up to 5 different drying programs

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