Fluorescence Inverted biological Microscope INV100-FL is a high quality tool for scientific research. It is composed by an inverted microscope with Infinity corrected Plan-achromatic objectives, by a set of phase contrast objectives and by an Epi-fluorescent fluorescence device.
This allows that the images are always clear and contrasted in each observation situation. The 10x/22 eyepieces allow exploring of a wide area of the specimen, while the high working distance of the condenser allows a comfortable and practical use. Trinocular tube, a large stage with traslator, a solid and ergonomic design and a stable structure complete the picture of a professional scientific instrument.
This instrument is widely used in Biology, Medicine, Histology, Immunology.

Included: protection cover, 0.45X c-mount adapter, color filters, user manual


FLUO3 Fluorescence microscope is equipped with plan-achromatic Infinity optics objectives and a Epi-Fluorescent illuminator. The extra wide field 10x/22 eyepieces allow inspection of a large part of specimen at same time. It can mount phase contrast objectives too, as optional.

This microscope is an essential tool for biology and in biomedical science, as well in live cell science.

HBO 100W Mercury lamp and a complete set of filters (B-G-V-UV) allow this Microscope investigation of most of biomedical specimen.

Included: protection cover, oil bottle, user manual