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In foundries, especially for aluminium casting plants, the quality of molten metals is very important to assure the quality of the final cast product since impurities may negatively affect the quality of the cast.
Defects created during the melting stage could create problems to the final micro-structure of the cast so is a mandatory step for the quality control department to check the quality of the melt.

By measuring the density Index (DI) of the metal, it is possible to define, control and optimize the process of cleaning the cast, improving the quality. In this way also rejection rate is drastically reduced.
The density index represents the percentage difference in density between the two samples; the lower the density index the cleaner the aluminium melt and the fewer pores formed.

With BEL Engineering advanced balance M5-iDens, doing the density index measurement of a material is easy and fast. With a 5 inch touch screen interface, latest generation of microprocessors and intuitive user interface the user can have immediately accurate, clear and fast results.
Without the necessity to connect the balance to computer for using a software, all the data and results can be seen directly from the large touch screen of the balance, with the possibility to print also all the data with an optional printer.

Electromagnetic{end-text}Electromagnetic Force Restoration:
coil in a permanent magnet for the the most accurate weighings
Touchscreen DisplayTouchscreen Display:
technology, user friendly, easy to use and intuitive.
Internal database to store data and drying methods
Glp SetupGlp Setup:
Allows to store identification data of balance, project and user. Date and Time.
Date&TimeDate & Time:
Balance shows current date and time
RS232Rs232 Data Interface:
to connect the balance to printer, PC, peripheral devices.
USBUSB interface:
it is possible to connect a usb pendrive
Measuring UnitsMeasuring Units:
Select the measuring unit that balance will use to display weight.
 DensityDensity Determination:
function accurately determines density of a solid object or a liquid
user profile can be password protected
Multi LanguageMulti Language:
Several languages can be selected from the menu of the balance

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  • Electromagnetic force restoration weighing system
  • 5 inch color touch screen display
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Automatic internal calibration
  • Efficient filtering to deliver quick and accurate results
  • GLP compliance
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-user access protected by password
  • Embedded Density Index calculation software, no need to connect the balance to a computer

Technical Features

Capacity [Max]

Resolution [d]


Pan size



Response time (sec.)



Minimum Load

500 mg



Tare Range (Subtractive)

3100 g

Span Drift In +10…+30°c

± 3 ppm/°C



Database Capacity


Working Temperature

5 - 35°C (15-30°C for verified models)

Power Supply

110-230Vac. 50/60Hz, output 24V 1A 13VA

Power Consumption (Max)

2 Watt

Calibrates With (Class)

2000 g (F1)

Balance Dimensions (W X L X H)

215 x 345 x 300 mm

Net Weight / Gross Weight, Approx.

7 / 8,5 Kg

Package Size (W X L X H)

390 x 520 x 630 mm





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