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TABKAM X1 plus

TABKAM X1 plus is a system composed by a Tablet and a wireless 5 Megapixel camera that makes working with microscopes easy and fast by acquiring and sharing images through a wireless network and as well check documents, read emails and browse the Internet all with one device to use in Labs and universities.

Just mount the camera on to your microscope and open the pre-installed APP on the tablet and start to acquire images of your specimen under the microscope. Once acquired the image with the APP you can work on it through many functions, such as creating reports, measure, counting cells, adjusting colors/contrast etc..
More than one tablet can view the same image at same time from one connected microscope, ideal for classroom work or quality checking – No need to connect the microscope to a PC.

TABKAM X1 plus can be used for all biological as well as all stereo microscopes monocular, binocular, and trinocular with the right C-mount (not included).

Included in the package:

  • 10 inch tablet, supplied with multilingual software specially developed for Tablets for image capture and analysis (languages: EN, FR, DE, PT, ES, IT), Lithium polymer (LiPo) EIGHT hour lifetime battery
  • Wireless 5 Megapixel color CMOS camera
  • Power supply, with EU,UK,US plugs
  • Slide with calibration circles
  • Table support for Tablet

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  • Images capture, video records (only with TABKAM X1plus), live preview
  • Software tablet application to make work user friendly on a 10,1’’ touchscreen display
  • Special auto-zoom function achieves precision without mouse
  • Measurements, calibration, saturation, brightness, contrast settings
  • Multi-user protected password, xls/PDF exports
  • Quick and easy creation of data reports
  • Recognizes the system once connected, no long configurations

Technical Features


Tabkam X1 plus

Camera Sensor

5,0 Megapixel

Image Capture

5,0 Megapixel

Camera Sensor
optical format

1/2,5’’ CMOS

Video capture

Format MP4, 1280x960, 5fps/sec


10.1'' inch
Android OS

Battery operation

Continuos working time about 8 hours, charging time 3 hours


WIFI & USB 2.0



  • Live preview of images and capture, white balance
  • Import/ export images (jpg, png)
  • Export to pdf/xls, with header and table of measurements
  • Share data through email, bluetooth, social network,..
  • Adjust contrast,brightnes, saturation
  • Measurements (linear, square, polygon, circle, eliptic, angles,..)
  • Calibration of measurements, table of calibrations
  • Autozoom point of interest for precise measurements without mouse
  • Image rotate, flip, negative
  • Grid and ruler over image
  • Text over image
  • Manual counting
  • Fast zoom, unzoom
  • Save project, save image
  • Multi user, password protected
  • Languages: EN, FR, DE, ES, PT, IT



catalog english


catalog espanol




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