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Micro-spectrophotometer can quickly and accurately detect nucleic acid, protein and cell solution and it has become a routine instrument in many laboratories.

Many advantages in using micro-spectrophotometer such as a clear and simple interface, allows the user to use less sample quantity during testing, no preheating necessary, quick and easy to clean after testing the sample, no cuvettes or other sample positioning devices required, samples do not need to be diluted.

During testing process, users can directly add the sample point to the sample plate. After the test the sample can be directly erased or recovered.

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Technical Features

Wavelength range

200~800 nm

Minimum sample size

0.5~2.0 μL

Path length

0.2 mm 1.0 mm

Light source

Xenon flash lamp

Detector type

2048-linear CCD array

Wavelength accuracy

1 nm

Spectral resolution

≤ 3 nm

Absorbance precision

0.003 Abs

Absorbance accuracy

1 % (7.332 Abs at 260 nm)

Absorbance range

0.04~90 A

Nucleic acid detection range

2~4500 ng/μL (dsDNA)

Measurement time

< 5 s



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