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Complete system for detection of alcoholic volumetric title, dry extract and for evaluation of musts in accordance with OIV method and according to Regulations 2870/2000 and 128/2004. Ideal for all sectors where a densimetric measurement is required: producers of wine, vinegars, grappa, liqueurs, food industries.

The wide and clear color touch screen display make the use of this instrument very easy, showing immediately the results without the need to connect it to other external devices.


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  • 5 inch colour display allows easy parameters selections
  • Embedded software to manage densimetric measurements
  • Automatic calibration with internal mass ensure always reliable results
  • 2 sinkers (20 ml) and 2 double walled glass beker (75 ml) included
  • Integrated RS232 port for printer connection. USB host for saving data on a USB stick
  • All the test results are clearly visible on the balance, no need to connect external PC or devices

The balance includes an advanced software that can manage:

  • Volume alcoholic strength: 0-100% V/V
  • Density reading at 20 °C
  • Readability: 0.01% V/V
  • Accuracy and repeatability: 0.02% V/V
  • Total dry extract from 0.0 to 505.8 g/L
  • Evaluation of musts in: Baumè, Babo, Volumetric mass, theoric alcohol
  • Store data and results on USB stick

In addition to the hydrostatic application, the embedded balance software can also manage multi-users thanks to the password
protected profiles. Moreover it is GLP compliant to store and print data. The sofware offers central control of:

  • Correction of the sinker’s volume in distilled water and in known solutions
  • Calibration and zero of the balance
  • Export/Import data through USB port
  • Print data on printer (optional)
  • Create multi user password protected
  • Show Time and Date


Technical Features

Capacity [Max]

Readability [d] (balance)

1 mg

Density, relative range

from 0.00 to 2.30 g/cm3

Density, reading precision


Density, accuracy


Volume alcoholic strength

0-100% V/V


0.01% V/V

Accuracy and repeatability

0.02% V/V

Total dry extract

from 0.0 to 505.8 g/L

Evaluation of musts

Baumè, Babo, Volumetric mass, theoric alcohol


internal automatic with internal mass


Operating languages

Italian, English


RS232, USB (import/export data)

Thermo probe

Pt100 1/3 DIN Sensitivity: 0.01 °C

-- Accuracy and repeatability

±0.05 °C

-- Reading

0.1 °C

Operating Environment

+10 °C .. +30 °C

Power Supply

110-230Vac, 50/60Hz; output 24V 1A multi plug

Power Consumption (Max)


Standard Accessories

N.2 x 20 ml sinkers, N.2 x 75 ml double-walled glass beker


200x360x480(h) mm


5 kg



Flyer M5-Alcodens


User Manual M5-Alcodens

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