Eurekam 5.0 Plus

EUREKAM PLUS is the camera for everyday microscopy. Thanks to new image-processing algorithms and a the image processing chip, Eurekam plus cameras can handle images with lowest latency to get the fastest response.
In addition to this the USB3.0 high-speed interface delivers images 10 times faster than traditional USB2.0. With the built-in automatic white balance and autoexposure, the user gets immediately clear images.
The cameras support driver-free so it’s just plug the camera into your computer.

In the package:
Eurekam plus camera, USB3.0 cable (retrocompatible with USB2.0 ports), Eyepiece adapter (Ø 23mm port), rings (for Ø 30 and Ø 30,5mm ports), micrometric slide (for measurements calibration), CD-ROM with Software, User manual

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Technical Features


Eurokam 5.0 Plus


No drivers required, plug and work


Color CMOS sensor

Sensor size


Image processor

Built-in ISP image processor

Pixel size

2.2 um x 2.2 um

Preview resolution

2584 x 1936, 2040 x 1528, 1592 x 1192, 1016x760

Capture resolution

2584 x 1936, 2040 x 1528, 1592 x 1192, 1016x760

Frame rate

35fps (@0,8MP, 1016 x 760)
30fps (@2MP, 1592 x 1192)
23fps (@3MP, 2040 x 1528)
14fps (@5MP, 2584 x 1936)

Dynamic range66.5dB
Noise reductionReal-time 3D noise reduction
Scan mode



Rolling shutter

Color depht

24 bit

Exposure control

Manual / Auto

Exposure time

1ms – 995ms

White balance

Manual / Auto

Operating temperature


Operating humidty


Optical port

Standard C-mount

Data interface

USB3.0 - 5Gb/sec (compatible with USB2.0)

Software compatibility

Windows XP/7/8/10

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