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Modu-Line is the new BEL Engineering series of weighing OEM modules for weight determination in automatic processes.
The weighing module can be easily integrated into other systems and machines.
It’s built with EMFC (Electro Magnetic Force Compensation) technology that ensures high resolution and accurate and stable results.

The serie includes models with range of 220g/0.1mg, 720g/1mg and 4200g/0.01g.
Each system consists of an EMFC weighing cell plus a 5.6″ touchscreen display with control board and serial input / outputs for connection to a PC or other network devices.
The weighing modules are equipped with automatic calibration with internal weight for an easy control and adjustment of the calibration value when the temperature changes.
The weighing plate is equipped with a protection system against impacts and overloads.
All the weighing modules are equipped with a level bubble and adjustable screws to allow the leveling of the module.
RS232 output, and RS232-USB, RS232-Ethernet, RS232-USB adapters acessories allow the connection to computers and network devices.

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Technical Features


EMFC (Electro Magnetic Force Compensation)


Automatic internal


responsive 5’’ 800×480 pixel touch-screen display


Serial input / outputs


Protection system against impacts and overloads


Model nameML-224AiML-723iML-4202i
Max Capacity220 g720 g4200 g
Readability0,0001 g0,001 g0,01 g
Repeatability0,0001 g0,001 g0,01 g
Linearity deviation± 0,0003 g± 0,002 g± 0,03 g
Eccentricity deviation± 0,0003 g± 0,002 g± 0,03 g
Minimum weight (according to USP)200 mg2 g2 g
Sensitivity temperature drift± 2 ppm/°C± 3 ppm/°C± 3 ppm/°C
Operating temperature range+10 °C .. +30°C+10 °C .. +30°C+10 °C .. +30°C
Allowable ambient temperature range+5 °C .. +40°C+5 °C .. +40°C+5 °C .. +40°C
Specification humidity20..80 %rH20..80 %rH20..80 %rH
Setting time under optimal conditions≤ 3 sec.≤ 2 sec.≤ 2 sec.





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