Tablet system for BEL Balances

Tablet system for BEL Balances

An innovation in the field of laboratory precision balances, BEL Tablet System expands the capabilities of your BEL precision balance with functions that are usually handled connecting the balance to a computer or by balances of higher class. This is achieved with the now familiar Tablet technology and App philosophy.

The BEL Tablet System consists of: 7” tablet, Tab-Box interface, App, Support for Tablet
It can be applied to HPB, M, MW, L, LW, S​,​KL​ ​and i-Thermo series.

Simple weighing

Basic weighing operations with multiple measuring units,calibration, preTare and zero/Tare commands.

Piece counting

Piece counting function with 10, 25 samples, mean sample weight or from database entry

Percentual weight

Percentage measurement among weights


Density measurements, also from database stored values


Display simultaneousily gross weight, net weight, net tare.


Dosing multiple components together, with automatic recalculations of a component in case of dosing error, recipes can be stored and recalled.

Peak hold

Holds the Peak value of weighing.

Animal weghing

Used when weighing small animals in movement


Determines the title of a thread through weight of a skein of known length, measuring units: Tex, Td, Nm, Nc


Allows to store identification data of balance, project and user.


It is possible to create up to 10 different profile. Each profile has his own preferences and database management

Database management

Each profile can store 300 database entries for each of the above listed functions


Database can be backuped and restored in case of necessity


Printers management, configure of the header to be printed.


The Tablet bluetooth can send data to the DPP-250-BT printer so that weighing data can be printed easily without connection cables.


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