BIO2 series is an innovative line of biological microscope with refined style and with an optical system suitable for most laboratory microscopy applications.
In fact these biological microscopes mount as standard a Koehler illuminator, widefield eyepieces, 5 places inward tilt nosepiece, halogen bulb or LED.
Can accept dark field and phase contrast as accessories. All this, combined with an refined Italian design, ergonomic and steady aluminum stand and with a choice of achromatic / semiplan / plan-achromatic DIN16Omm or INFINITY objectives, give to these microscopes the capability to match a wide range of applications from educational use to routine laboratory work.

Included: protection cover, oil bottle, user manual



Optical system

Standard DIN 160mm system


Built-in transmitted Koehler illumination with field diaphragm.
6V 20W Halogen bulb or High intensity LED.
Adjustable Intensity.


Wide field WF10x/18mm



ACHROMATIC 4x/0.1;  10x/0.25;  40x/0.65;  100x/1.25 (oil immersion)
-PL PLAN ACHROMATIC 4x/0.1;  10x/0.25;  40x/0.65;  100x/1.25 (oil immersion)

Macrometric and micrometric coaxial knobs on both sides (0,002mm). Upper limit excursion adjustment. Torque adjustment on coarse focus knob

Revolving nosepiece

Reversed quintuple nosepiece, rotating and locking at every objective.

Observation tube


Binocular Trinocular
Tube inclination 30° tilted, 360° rotable
Interpupillary distance adjustment 55-75mm, dioptric difference adjustment ± 5mm
Light division   70% : 30%

135x125mm. Excursion XY: 75x35mm (div 0,1mm). Coaxial knobs on right side.


Abbe N.A. 1,25. Equipped with diaphragm and filter seat. Height and centering are adjustable.

  • Phase contrast kit (achromatic or plan) (MB05001 5/6)
  • Dark field condenser (dry or immersion) (MB030003)
  • Micrometric slide 0.01mm (MB120001)
  • Micrometric eyepiece 10x (MB010007)
  • Eyepiece 16x (MB010005)
  • 20x Plan achromatic objective (MB020014)
  • 60x Plan achromatic objective (MB020016)
  • Eurekam / Eurekam PRO digital cameras

BIO2B-AC Binocular, achromatic optics, Halogen 20W
BIO2T-AC Trinocular, achromatic optics, Halogen 20W
BIO2B-PL Binocular, Plan-achromatic, Halogen 20W
BIO2T-PL Binocular, Plan-achromatic, Halogen 20W
BIO2-AC-VIDEO Trinocular, Video Head, achromatic, Halogen 20W
BIO2B-AC-LED Binocular, achromatic optics, LED
BIO2T-AC-LED Trinocular, achromatic optics, LED
BIO2B-PL-LED Binocular, Plan-achromatic optics, LED
BIO2T-PL-LED Trinocular, Plan-achromatic optics, LED
BIO2-PL-VIDEO Trinocular, Plan-achromatic, Video head, LED



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